Safety tips to keep your child safe at home

Safety tips to keep your child safe at home

Toddler bed: Toddlers will develop ability to ascend side of their crib anywhere between 18-36 months following delivery. Move toddler to appropriate bed – shorter, narrower, and lower to the ground.

Bookshelves/Books: attach shelving units securely to the wall so the toddler does not pull them down on top of them. Place heavier items on the lower shelves and lighter items on the upper shelves. avoid putting breakable items on top of the shelves.

Step stool: Place securely underneath a light switch so that toddler can turn their bedroom light on or off when necessary.                                        

Medication: Place all medications in a securely locked locked cupboard or safe far from your toddlers reach. Use certified child safety locks where necessary. 

Footwear: There are numerous types of footwear commercially available in toddler foot sizes, including boots that cover the ankles with firm soles, sandals with variable sole flexibility and limited upper coverage, or pre-walker styles with covered uppers and flexible soles. Recommendations for first footwear, range from footwear having as soft a sole as possible to minimise influence of the shoe on muscle development, through to sturdy features to structurally support the foot and assist balance during immature gait and complex tasks like the Xplorekids shoe socks.